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Koocu Precision Flexible Circuit FX_3 Size 0.007mm , Length 100m

Albarak Mobile: Koocu Precision Flexible Circuit FX_3 (0.007mm x 100m) – Ideal for Delicate Electronic Repairs Calling all electronics enthusiasts and repair professionals! Albarak Mobile brings you the Koocu Precision Flexible Circuit FX_3 (0.007mm x 100m), a solution for intricate repairs on various electronic devices. Ultra-Thin and Highly Flexible: This specialized wire boasts an ultra-thin […]

Microscope Repairing Mat

Albarak Mobile: Microscope Repair Mat – Organize Your Tiny Repairs! Working on intricate microscope parts can be frustrating with loose screws and tiny components scattered everywhere. Albarak Mobile has the solution! The Microscope Repair Mat is a specialized mat designed to keep your workspace organized and efficient during microscope repairs. A Helping Hand for Tiny […]

About Albarak Mobile

The largest online retailer of mobile repair parts in Lahore, Hall provides tools and electronics equipment for fixing smartphones to the entire nation. We are here to provide you with high-grade electronic parts. Enjoy your shopping experience with us, and don’t forget to leave a review. mobile parts Breathe New Life into Your […]